Little Bedz, big dreamz

We understand that creating a healthy sleep environment is important for your child. It’s their safe haven, a place where they go to play, rest, and start dreaming big. And, as they grow up, their needs – and dreams - get bigger with them.

Little Bedz, big thinking

When it comes to their sleep, we don’t like to kid around. Our Little Bedz tick all the boxes for a good night’s sleep - with a sprinkle of Sleepeezee magic.

Little Bedz, lots of fun

Forget bedtime battles. Our team of experts put all their energy into designing a bed that is worth going to bed for. With their solid structure, Little Bedz are tried and tested to keep up with all kids’ jumping and bounces, offering them full support on both sleep and play mode

Product Information

  • Anti-Allergy

    Your kids will finally enjoy cool, clean nights’ sleep on the mattress of their dreams.
  • Chemical Foam and Glue Free

    Our beds combine traditional techniques with innovative designs to provide kids with a safe place to sleep soundly.
  • No-turn Mattresses

    Little Bedz are easier to maintain, so you can focus on what really matters.
  • Pocket Spring Technology

    Kids’ bodies change over time, and Sleepeezee mattresses adjust accordingly. Our pocket springs are designed to conform to the shape of their bodies, providing maximum support all the way up to their teenage years.
  • Ten-year Guarantee

    Our mattresses come with a ten-year guarantee, a constant support kids will love for the years to come.