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Why Do I Still Wake Up Tired?

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We all know the feeling – your alarm goes off, you force yourself out of bed, and then you spend the rest of the morning in complete fog. It’s a struggle just to keep your eyes open, let alone focus on anything else!

If you’re the type of person who constantly seems to wake up feeling groggy and exhausted, there is an explanation. Actually, there are several reasons why you might feel so tired, even after getting a solid amount of sleep.

You’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

This might seem obvious, but if you wake up feeling tired, you might actually BE tired. Simple, but true. What you think is a sufficient amount of time asleep may simply not be enough.

So, set an alarm on your phone or tell Alexa to remind you that its time to go to bed. Your goal should be to establish a routine where you go to bed at approximately the same time every day. A time that allows for 7+ hours of sleep – so your body and brain both get in the habit of turning down at the same time you need to.

You May Not Be Getting Good Sleep, Either

Did you know that you go through four different stages during sleep? Stage 3 is what we call ‘deep sleep’ – the stage of sleep you need to feel refreshed in the morning. In this stage, your heart and breathing drops to their lowest levels, your muscles relax and your brain wave activity slows down.

You Snooze? You Lose.

That buzzing, beeping alarm may feel like your mortal enemy, but the snooze button is really the one plotting against you. When you wake up, your brain shuts off melatonin (your sleep hormone) production and boosts cortisol (a natural steroid) output. This hormonal switchover gets you up and going. When you hit the snooze button more than once, the process goes away. Your body gets confused as to which mode you should be in, which leads to a prolonged half-awake, half-asleep state.

To break the snooze habit, why not try setting your alarm for just 10 minutes later and place your alarm clock across the room so you’re forced to get out of bed to turn it off?

You Might Need to Be More Active

When you’re feeling tired, exercise is usually the last thing on your mind! However, moving can help to re-energize you when you feel tired. So, consider a morning run or an early yoga class. Over time, regular exercise can lead to getting a better night’s rest.

Or is it something else?

If none of these tips seem to be helping, it might be time to consult a sleep professional to ensure that your morning grogginess isn’t a result of a more serious sleep disorder like sleep apnea, narcolepsy or insomnia.

Buying a mattress that matches your sleep preferences can also go a long way towards improving your sleep, so you’re not groggy in the morning. Discover our collection of handcrafted beds, each designed to give you the great night’s sleep you deserve.

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Health and Wellbeing