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What Is A Pocket-Sprung Mattress?

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If you’re looking for a new mattress, chances are that you’ve come across a few technical terms along the way. While the amount of choice available is fantastic, it can often be tricky to work out which option is the best for you.

Here at Sleepeezee, we’re great believers in decoding and simplifying technical terminology to make it easy to digest. Buying a mattress is an important purchase that should last you a number of years, so taking the time to understand your options is key.

In this blog post we’re going to take a closer look at the term ‘pocket-sprung’ and answer three of the most commonly asked questions:

  • What are pocket-springs?
  • What does the spring count mean (and why does it matter)?
  • What is great about a pocket-sprung mattress?

What are pocket-springs?

Put simply, pocket-springs are small coils of wire which have been encased in their own fabric ‘pockets’. So far, so simple, but what makes these pockets so special?

Within a mattress, springs are laid out in layers to offer structure and support. Traditionally, mattresses used to be made with an ‘open coil’ structure which meant that the coils were simply sandwiched between large sheets of fabric or connected together by a wire frame. If one coil moves, all of the others around it move too, which isn’t great particularly if you are sharing a bed with a partner.

However, by placing each individual spring inside its own pocket it can move independently from the springs around it and contour more accurately to your body whilst you sleep.

Image: Our Wool Supreme mattresses which contains 2400 pocket-springs over two layers


What does the spring count mean (and how important is it)?

The spring count in a mattress refers to the number of springs which are contained in the king size version of that mattress.

Although some will say the more springs in a mattress, the better – spring count isn’t everything. The size and quality of the springs will improve how the mattress contours to your body shape and provides pressure relief where it’s needed the most.


What is great about a pocket-sprung mattress?

Pocket springs are designed to offer you a superior night’s sleep by distributing your weight evenly across the mattress to offer pressure relief, support and ultimately, comfort.

They are also great at isolating movement, so if you are sharing a bed with a partner and one of you moves or turns over during the night, you are far less likely to be aware of it.


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Posted in 

Mattress Care, Sleep Tips