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Washed, rugged and perfect for adventures: Learn more about our Pet Beds

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Ensuring your furry friend has a cosy and spacious place to rest is essential for their physical and mental well-being. Our team at Sleepeezee have developed a dedicated range of pet beds with comfort and hygiene at the forefront of their design. Your pooch can enjoy a granulated memory foam filling for hours of uninterrupted sleep, complete with odour-eliminating fabric to keep your home smelling fresh and clean for longer. The removable cover can be conveniently tossed into the washing machine at 60°C, eliminating bacteria, fleas, and any other nasties. 

These ultra-comfortable beds have a two-year warranty, guaranteed to last through plenty of lazy midday naps and cosy nighttime stretches. Personalisation options are available, adding a touch of uniqueness for your pampered pooch or coddled kitty. With sizes ranging from small to large and colours like Biscuit, Blue, Duck Egg, Pewter, and Rose, Sleepeezee’s pet beds cater to every pet’s taste and size.

Whether you are looking for orthopaedic support or travel convenience, our collection has something to cater to your pet’s individual needs. Find out more about the benefits of each of our handcrafted beds below.

Pillow Bed: Affordable Luxury for Sweet Dreams

A treat for any lucky moggies and mutts, the Pillow Bed is a stylish sleeping space, promising your pets a dreamy destination of their own. This lush circular retreat makes for a modern and fashionable addition to any living space in your home.

Flat Bed:  Luxurious Lounging

Indulge your four legged friends with our Deluxe Flat Bed. The rectangular matt-style bed is filled with memory foam, ensuring optimal support for your beloved pet and ease of access for quick cleaning and storage. 

Basket Bed: The Perfect Dreaming Den

Elevate your pet’s lounging experience with this crème de la crème of cosy pet beds. For pet owners seeking the epitome of tranquillity and style, the Basket Bed is a top-tier choice for a smart and chic hideaway. The walled sides provide a luxurious haven, creating a cosy nook which will quickly become your pets favourite corner of your home.

Travel Bed: On-the-Go Comfort and Convenience

Ideal for pets on the move, the Travel Bed provides a portable respite for your  companion. This great value bed is endorsed by 100% of Mumsnet readers, a testament to the quality that goes into making a Sleepeezee bed and the comfort they provide to people and pets alike. Fully washable, with a cover that can be cleaned at 30°C, this bed is designed for convenience and the lightweight structure allows for peaceful rest wherever your adventures take you together. 

Choosing the right pet bed involves considering your pet’s unique needs and preferences. Whether it’s the Pillow Bed’s affordable luxury, the Flat Bed’s luxurious lounging, the Basket Bed’s dreamy den quality, or the Travel Bed’s on-the-go convenience, these handcrafted pet beds offer a blend of style and functionality to pamper your pets day in and day out. Invest in their health with one of these fantastic pet beds today, and check out our optional extras such as blankets and covers to make your pet’s experience truly pawfect.

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The Pawsome Blog