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Top 10 Benefits of a Sleepeezee Dog Bed

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When it comes to looking after your dog, there are many factors that contribute to a healthy and happy pet. One of these is the benefits of a great night’s sleep, which makes the Sleepeezee dog bed essential to your pup’s well-being.

It can be easy to forget that your pooch’s sleeping quality is one of the most important factors for their health, just in the same way that us humans need to be well-rested!

Everyone deserves a little luxury when it comes to sleeping and with our brand-new Basket Dog Bed and Flat Dog Bed your furry friend is sure to be sleeping soundly night after night.

But don’t just take our word for it, read the following benefits of our fantastic dog beds to find out how your pooch can be getting a pawsitively brilliant night’s sleep.

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Washable Dog Bed

An industry first – our dog bed is the only one available on the market that can be washed at 60ºC.

Two Year Guarantee

We are so confident in our Sleepeezee dog beds that each one comes with a two-year guarantee. This is because our dog beds are built to stand the test of time and to last as your dog grows.

Handmade in the UK

Each one of our pet beds are expertly handmade in the UK.


Dogs are part of the family, so we made sure you are able to personalise your dog bed by having your pet’s name embroidered on the side.

Tried and Tested

Our pet beds are Mumsnet Rated and Good Housekeeping approved.

Memory Foam Filling

Our dog beds provide your pup with the much-needed pressure relief and cushioned support for their joints- using super soft and supportive memory foam. This reacts to their weight to relieve any pressure points and adjust to the body shape of your dog.

Odour Eliminating Fabric

We know smell can be an issue for most homeowners, so we use carbonised bamboo fibres that naturally deodorise, are moisture absorbent and are anti-bacterial for your pooch’s pawfect sleep haven.

Plenty of Choices

Every home is different so we’ve made sure that our dog beds are available in two different style options: The Basket and the Flat Bed. To complement this, they are available in three different colours: Pewter, Biscuit and Blue.

Easy to Remove Cover

Each bed has been designed so that the cover can be easily removed thanks to some handy hidden zips. Being built into the structure, these concealed zips mean there is no risk of harming your dog or scratching the floors!

Proud Supporters of Battersea

We are proud to support Battersea in all the hard work they do by donating £4 +VAT with every bed sold.

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So if you’re looking to give your dog the best night’s sleep, shop our Sleepeezee Dog Beds now because just like for us, Everything Is Easy When You Sleepeezee.

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