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To Make Your Bed or Not?

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Health and Wellbeing

To make the bed or to not make the bed? Indeed, there’s nothing quite like being wrapped up in bed with nowhere to go. Often getting up and making it can often seem like the biggest task in the world sometimes.

Sorting through the sheets can be tiresome (bed-making Olympics anyone?) but it got us thinking – to make or not to make? That is the question.

We get it. It is easy to roll out each morning and leave a crumpled pile of sheets in your wake. But the truth is when you dedicate an extra minute or two each morning to smooth your covers and prop up your pillows you feel slightly accomplished before the day even starts.

Even better making the bed offers the following positives.

  1. It helps keep things clean.

Making the bed will not keep the dust away (we tried!). But by covering your sheets and mattress with a protector, quilt, or duvet, you minimize the surface area on which dust can collect.

  1. You’ll start your day on the right foot.

You know it feels great to cross something off your to-do list as soon as you wake up? Quickly cleaning your sleep space helps you face the day with a feeling of accomplishment even before you brush your teeth.

3. You might sleep better.

We found a recent poll that reported regularly making their bed were also more likely to say that they got a good night’s sleep most nights. We believe in science.

4. It instantly polishes your room.

You bought that stunning duvet cover and 100’s of throw pillows for a reason, right? Get them off the floor and enjoy them!

So, whether you choose to make your bed perfectly every day or couldn’t care less what your sheets look like, the choice is entirely up to you.

Posted in 

Health and Wellbeing