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Three Tips for Helping your Puppy Sleep at Night

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Deciding how your puppy will settle in your home is a very personal decision. Some are happy to have them in their bedroom, whilst others like for them to sleep in another room. Whatever your preference, here are some helpful tips for helping your puppy sleep at night.

Create a nice sleeping environment

It is recommended that you at least keep your pup in your bedroom with you for at least the first few days whether in a dog bed or crate. Having your puppy in your bedroom will make them feel more reassured. You can then gradually move them to where you want them to sleep permanently and begin a routine from here.

Keeping your pup in your bedroom to start with will also help with house training. This can be tiring, but your puppy is likely to be house-trained much quicker.

If you have another dog that settles in a separate room, it will make it much easier for your puppy to settle too. However, some puppies will pester older dogs, so make sure to take this into consideration.

Once your puppy is settled, you want to make this space as calm and comfy as possible. A comfy bed and a cosy blanket should do the trick – why not check out our range?


Don’t leave them to cry at night

It can be a bit of a shock for puppies initially to be away from their mum and litter, so leaving them alone to cry can cause a lot of stress. As puppies need their sleep, this could also cause them to feel tired, anxious, and irritable during the day.

It’s much better to gradually build up their time away from you so that they feel relaxed and comfortable at nighttime.


Get them used to being alone at night

If you want your puppy to sleep away from you at night, then its worth remembering that your puppy will be new to your home and will have separated from their mum and litter mates which will make them feel worried for the first few days/weeks depending on how confident they are.

When preparing for bedtime, you want to make sure their bed is a comfortable place to settle and ensure they have had the opportunity to go to the toilet before bed.

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