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The Perfect Sunday Reset Routine

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Sunday is quite possibly our favourite day of the week, mostly because it gives us the opportunity to complete our perfect Sunday reset routine!

Sundays should be a time to look after yourself after a hectic week, but more often than not we find ourselves doing very little and stressing about the week ahead.

With that in mind, here is Sleepeezee’s perfect Sunday reset routine to reset you for the week ahead!

Long Lie Ins

Sunday’s are just made for long lie-ins. Waking up and realising you have nowhere to be and nothing to rush around for is the best feeling. So grab a cup of coffee, hop back into bed and enjoy the pure bliss of knowing that you can stay in bed as long as you like.

Boujee Breakfast

The best part of any day is breakfast, but because it’s Sunday, we can take it up a notch. We’re not saying throw yourself an all-you-can-eat breakfast (although we are not judging if you do) but treat yourself, have those pancakes, go out for breakfast and have the ultimate Sunday brunch!

Get Moving

We’ll say this one is optional but if you feel like it, it’s great to get your body moving. So whether that’s going for a walk, taking an exercise class, or practicing yoga. It is Sunday after all.

Do Something Fun…

A lazy day is always encouraged here but getting out and doing an activity of some kind is always something to look forward to. Try visiting somewhere new, escape to the countryside, or explore a part of your town you’ve never been to before!

…Or be anti-social

We get it, being social can be hard work. So if you don’t have any energy to put towards pretending to like other people, keep Sunday just for you!


Once you’ve thoroughly enjoyed your day make sure you set aside time in the evening to wind down and relax completely. So do a face mask, have a really long bath, and maybe even paint your nails. Whatever it is make sure you feel truly pampered – here’s a self-care playlist if you need one!

Do Whatever You Want

Quite frankly it’s Sunday, whatever you want to do is the perfect Sunday reset. Just make sure you are enjoying yourself!

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