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Sleepeezee’s Christmas Gift Guide

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Welcome to our Christmas Gift Guide 2021! A festive season we’ve been looking forward to more than an early night. After the past two years, the thought of celebrating and helping to give the gift of a great night’s sleep feels extra special.

So, to help you plan your Christmas, our gift selection is carefully curated this year. We are experts in all things sleep and our guide is packed full of gifting ideas for 2021.

Sleepeezee Bedding

Home is where the heart is, now more so than ever as people continue to focus on making their home a cozy haven. If your loved ones are in need of some additional bedding, we have a wide range of products to keep your home furnished.

Cyberjammies PJs

If there’s ever been a time to indulge your style-conscious friend, sibling, or partner, it’s this year. Comfort remains king this Christmas and our friends over at Cyberjammies have a wide selection of uber-stylish pj’s and comfy loungewear perfect for a cozy night in.

Sleepeezee Pet Bed

Not forgetting our four-legged friends. It is easier than you think to impress them with a well-selected Christmas gift and this year we have gone to extra lengths to keep them happy. A great night’s sleep is the gift that just keeps on giving and with our range of plush and supportive handmade pet beds your pet is guaranteed a ‘pawsitively’ glorious night’s sleep.

Lumie Light Clock

Tech gifts are the sort of thing that people get really excited about. What’s new? Well, for a start, our friends over at Lumie have a range of sunrise clocks that are perfect for the winter months. Lumie wake-up lights are like a personal sunrise, a gradually brightening light that gently rouses you from sleep so that you feel naturally wide awake, more energized, and ready for the day ahead. What could be better?!

Travelodge Dreamer Mattress

Christmas shopping isn’t always easy when you are sleep-deprived. So, what do you do? Well, we know what we would do, treat ourselves to a brand-new Travelodge Dreamer™ mattress! The Travelodge Dreamer™ mattress boasts over 950 individual pocket springs within each mattress to offer support and comfort for a good quality night’s sleep.

Merry Christmas!

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