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Should We Let Our Dogs Sleep In Our Bed?

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Deciding on whether to allow your dog to sleep in your bed is not easy – you want to spoil your pooch and stop them from feeling lonely without it affecting your night’s sleep. It’s the age-old battle.

Dogs are our best friends, and we naturally want to be around them. Cuddles in bed with your pet are great, so what’s the harm in letting them snooze with you for a night or two in your Sleepeezee bed?

What Are The Benefits Of Sleeping With a Dog?


There are a whole host of benefits to sharing a bed with your pet – that’s why so many of us do it! We all know having and being around a pet can make you happy, and for many, this extends to bedtime.

After all, research shows that 95 per cent of pet owners think of their animal as a member of the family.

Allowing your dog in the bed offers companionship, decreases loneliness, strengthens your bond with your pet and who doesn’t love a cuddle? It can certainly have a paw-sitvely great impact on your mental health!


What Are The Drawbacks Of Sleeping With A Dog?


The most common issue with having your pooch in the bed is a disturbance to sleep. This is especially apparent if you have a smaller bed, share a bed with a partner, or have multiple dogs – good luck getting comfortable with the inches you’re left with!

Dogs are also naturally much more sensitive to sound, so wake up much more frequently than humans over a prolonged period which may cause you to wake too, particularly if they’re a barker.

While it might be nice to have in the winter months – your four-legged friend will be heating up the bed! So if you’re someone who does not deal well with sleeping warm, having a dog as a snuggle partner might not be the best idea.

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Is It Healthy?


If you’re worried about catching any diseases, stop. If you and your pet are healthy, you have nothing to worry about.

If anything they actually help you, as dogs can really manage your stress levels! If you struggle with stress or anxiety, a dog can bring a calming sense of relaxation to your bedtime routine – just by petting them!

There are no strict rules on what is right and wrong when it comes to allowing pets in bed, so it all comes down to personal preference.

Although, for the sake of your own relaxing night’s sleep, we wouldn’t recommend making a habit of it, as it can quickly become a pattern that your dog will struggle to break. So, if you can’t go without those night time cuddles, we’d suggest ensuring your dog is also completely comfortable sleeping alone and in their own Sleepeezee pet bed.

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