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Our Favourite Sleep Themed Films

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We may love our sleep but we also have a confession to make. We’re pretty big film buffs here at Sleepeezee and while we are still being cautioned to keep our distance, we have spent a large amount of time binge-watching Netflix over the last year (and you Disney+, you’re still our favourite).

And whilst we were having an internal debate on the best film of all time (it’s Titanic, we will hear no arguments) it got us thinking about what movies present unique ideas about sleep and dreams.

Sleeping Beauty

First up is the classic, Sleeping Beauty. Ok alright we get it, she was cursed to sleep for 100 years…… but she got to sleep for 100 years! A timeless classic that made us wish we could sleep for.. maybe not 100 years but a solid 12hrs would be nice.

10/10 from us.


Inception (2010)

Leonardo DiCaprio…… that’s it that’s the plot. Joking Leo stars as a thief who steals information by infiltrating people’s dreams and subconscious. Inception’s plot evolves around lucid dreaming and how certain people can invade others’ minds and hijack the dream sequence in order to access important information.

If that doesn’t sound crazy enough, then you won’t be surprised when the movie goes into a roller coaster of surprises with dreams-within-dreams and a race against the clock to plant an idea into someone’s psyche. Even though the plot sounds absolutely ridiculous, the story is told so well that you will be convinced that there are actual dream ninjas out there invading the minds of high-level business executives on a daily basis.

11/10 because of Leo.


Fight Club (1999)

Fight Club of course had to make the list as it is about a character who goes to support groups in an attempt to subdue his emotional state and relieve his insomniac state. However, he starts to hallucinate and disassociate himself creating an alter ego. Importantly Brad Pitt and Edward Norton star and both give an absolutely stellar performance.

The explanation as to how they are connected is all due to insomnia. Edward Norton’s character is shown to be incredibly sleep-deprived and, as a result, is experiencing bouts of schizophrenia where he takes on the personality of a fictional character, Brad Pitt’s Tyler Durden.

I couldn’t sleep for six months. With insomnia, nothing seems real. Everything seems far away.” Could there be a more perfect description of living with insomnia?



And there you have it, our favorite “sleep” themed movies. Which of your favorite sleep-related films would you add to this list?

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