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Interior Trend Predictions for 2023

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Whether you’ve moved into a new home or have decided it’s time to mix things up, interiors for 2023 are looking varied. So, without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into some interior trend predictions for 2023.

With new colours and textures coming into the mix, most trends are revolving around brightening up our spaces with colour. Alongside this, 2023 will embrace a less polished outcome, bringing the outdoors in and creating spaces to listen.

Pops of Colour

The beloved neutrals are falling out of favour this year as we welcome more cheerful hues. The all-white home is coming to an end and is now favouring contrasted environments that bring warmth, dimension, and colour.

To avoid creating hospital-like spaces, people are opting for warm chestnut or saturated ‘lived-in-colours’.

Colour predictions of calming corals, balmy apricots and zesty oranges will be very in this year. For those that like to keep things more subtle, nuanced pale shades of blue and green could be the option for you.

Embracing Craftmanship

The era of a clean-cut home is over. After getting to know our homes inside and out after numerous lockdowns, sustainable options have led a revolt against the mass-made good.

This year, we are going to see this trend move towards personalisation and self-expression. There is also a growing interest in vintage and re-used furniture; haberdashery units being converted into kitchen islands and natural dies being used to make linen curtains and bed sheets.

Bursts of Botanicals

The passion for bringing the outdoors in remains very much here to stay in 2023. Interior greenery in the form of botanical patterns and statement plants brings to life the biophilia trend. Inspired by the irregular and imperfect, this trend is less focused on lush nature and more on desert landscapes, mossy greens and unfinished textures.

Listening Rooms

Listening rooms or music rooms have always been enjoyed by music lovers, but they’re gaining popularity among the masses this year with the surge in vinyl record sales.

A music room is a dedicated space for music, whether it’s creating your own or playing your favourite tunes to unwind. A dedicated nook of any room can be transformed into a space to enjoy music.

Statement Lamps

This year, lamps will be adorned with saturated colours, glossy finishes and elaborate lamp shades. Ceramic shades are also on the horizon, for the table, floor or even pendant or surface mounts.

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