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How to Tell If You’re an Early Bird or a Night Owl!

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There are two kinds of sleepers in this world Night Owls and Early Birds. Night owls have energy well into the evening and go to bed late and early birds subscribe to the early-to-bed-early-to-rise regimen.
You probably have a good idea of which category you fall into most of the time, but you might not know which one is better for your health.
We’ve had a look into this, so read on…

Pros and Cons of Being a Night Owl

Pro: When people are settling down for the night you’re just getting started

Con: Not enough time to do everything in

Pro:  You require less sleep to function

Con: More likely to struggle with non-working activities

Pro: Late nights aren’t a problem

Con: Morning Plans are…..

Pros and Cons of Being an Early Bird

Pro: You’re waking up with the world

Con: You tend to flag much earlier

Pro: Your productivity is at an all time high

Con: But only till mid afternoon

Pro: You squeeze more time out of each day

Con:  Early birds need more sleep – Really need  it.

Regardless of these pros and cons, it can’t be denied that both early birds and night owls have their own strengths and weaknesses. It doesn’t make one better than the other—only slightly different.
So whether you rise with the sun or set with it, you clearly need to be getting the best night’s sleep possible. Here at Sleepeezee we can help you accomplish this with our wonderful range of mattresses, which are all guaranteed to give you a fantastic night’s sleep.
With a wide range to choose from we have the perfect mattress for both early birds and night owls alike.
For more information any of our mattresses please get in touch either via phone on 0163 4723 557 or via our website ( to read more about the different benefits of each of our ranges.

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