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How To Make The Most Of Your Under Bed Storage

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The space under a bed can be one of the handiest hidden storage areas in the home—if you make the most of it. The key to success is to keep it as neat and tidy as possible. That means no dust bunnies, no crinkled-up pieces of paper, and no dirty gym clothes!

How do you organise a small bedroom?

However, not everyone has the luxury of a spacious bedroom to sleep in. With more and more of us living in cities, bedrooms are getting smaller- but our belongings seem to be growing. Which can cause a problem when trying to keep things clean and tidy. To tackle this issue, we’ve got some easy advice;

  • Keep clutter in check and take old clothes to the charity shop to free up space.
  • Find creative storage solutions such as hanging storage and hooks on the back of doors and cupboards.
  • Go minimal with furniture and furnishings.
  • Choose multi-purpose bedroom furniture such as a chest of drawers that doubles as a nightstand or a space-saving storage divan beds.

However one of the easiest ways to create more space in a small room is to invest in a divan base with storage. They double as storage, preserve your mattress, and can be engineered to make it up even the narrowest of spiral staircases.

Because of the storage, a divan bed base can create a space that’s much more than simply just a place to sleep, which is especially useful if you’re limited on storage space in your home.

Not only that but you can choose what kind of built-in storage you have beneath the mattress, from Ottomans to drawers on all four sides.

Why we recommend under bed storage

We believe that a divan bed will help to maximise space in your bedroom. Fitted with hidden compartments to manage clutter, our bed frames with storage make the most of floor space. From ottomans to divans, our range is perfect for rooms which are short on space. The divans are built to be long-lasting and durable but for peace of mind, we also offer a 5-year guarantee.

The advantages of this type of under-bed storage are that it looks sleek and stylish, whilst protecting your belongings. It’s also really easy to reach and ideal for smaller living spaces. So with the right divan that sliver of space that usually only attracts dust, turns into a spot to stash clothes, books, and more!

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