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How To Cool Down if You are a Hot Sleeper

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We’re trying to keep our cool but holy-sheet it’s getting hot! (Hello summer!)

It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep when you’re tossing and turning because you’re hot or sleeping next to a partner who is. With high summer temperatures (even at night), it can be difficult and expensive to keep your room that cool. Don’t sweat! We’ve got some sleep tips for hot sleepers to help you cool down and sleep soundly throughout the night!

Turn off your electronics

It sounds crazy but keeping your laptop on overnight could be heating up your room. Your laptop generates around 50 watts of heat, which isn’t a huge amount but when added up with all the other devices switched on could be raising the temperature from bearable to unbearable!

Crack a window

Anything that helps to promote airflow is a good thing. Keep a window cracked and your door open if you can, to help air circulate through your room late at night.

Turn up the fan

It’s pretty old school, but there’s a way to turn your standard, garden variety fan into a neat little air conditioner. Stack a low dish, like a roasting tin, with ice cubes and place it in front of the fan. When you turn the fan on, it will send the air blasting over the ice, creating a cold mist by the time it reaches you. Genius!

Water will help

First things first, make sure you’re drinking it. Lots of it. If you’re well-hydrated then your body can better regulate its own temperature through sweat. Keep a glass of water by your bedside – a cool one, with plenty of ice cubes in it!

Don’t work out late at night

If you’re a fan of a late-night run before bed, it could be the thing that’s causing you to lose sleep. Vigorous exercise raises your core body temperature, which could lead to a hot and sweaty night’s sleep.

Invest in linen sheets

This clever, high-quality material helps to regulate your body temperature, which means it’ll keep you toasty in winter and cool in the warmer months.

Height matters

How high is your bed from the ground? Hot air rises, so the higher your bed, the hotter you will be! Time to move the mattress to the floor!

Stick your foot out

The idea that having one foot outside of the covers will keep you cool at night was actually grounded in fact. Feet are great temperature regulators because of all the pulse points in your toes and ankles.

No cuddling

Sorry about this one, but science has confirmed it: Spooning with your significant other will definitely make you warmer. If you’re so hot, you can’t sleep take a break from the cuddling and push your partner out of bed. We are kidding… kind of. It’s not romantic, but it will help keep your body temperature down!

Alternatively, you could get a Sleepeezee Cooler Supreme…

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