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How to be Festive and Rested

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Festive and rested – that’s how we plan on spending Christmas. But it’s easier said than done, especially with all of the shopping and cooking. So how can we get back to our sleep this time of year?

This week is all about last-ditch present-buying, being merry, and plenty of parties and gatherings to keep up with.

Even when Christmas is over and the leftover turkey has been polished off, the New Year is just around the corner for more celebrations.

So, to help you keep your spirits up and make sure you are being merry and bright all Christmas long we have 4 top tips to help keep your energy levels up. Keep calm and jingle on!


Embrace the power nap
  • Christmas is filled with a lot of late nights, whether it’s a work party, Christmas shopping, or cooking for the 500, you’re going to need to recover when and where you can! In comes the power nap, if you’re struggling to get in 6-8 hours’ sleep, try and grab some much-needed alone time for a quick nap – it may just give you the extra boost you need.


Balance is key
  • Mince pies, turkey, Festive Bakewell’s (yes this is a thing, 10/10 would recommend) it seems that there’s a never-ending stream of temptations around us during Christmas, not that we are complaining.
  • But too much of a good thing can leave us feeling bloated and not able to move from our beds. Make sure that you are still eating your fruit and vegetables, while it might seem boring and the opposite of what you want to do, it’ll leave you feeling energised and great about yourself. (perfect for all that extra partying!)


Drink lots
  • No, we don’t mean drink more egg-nog. We mean make sure you keep hydrated throughout the day, drinking all those extra tipples can leave us feeling not our best. Make sure, throughout the day, you’re regularly sipping away at water so you’re ready to replenish anything lost when the night comes and the alcohol flows.


Practice say no (thanks)
  • We’re about to let you in on a little secret: you don’t actually have to say yes to every social invitation you get.
  • JOMO is the new FOMO honey, and sometimes the joy of missing out is oh so sweet. This holiday period, it’s time to stop over-committing, and start putting yourself first without guilt! Sitting at home with a film on Netflix, with a hot chocolate in hand is just as festive as any of your other plans!


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