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How Often should you Wash your Bedding?

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When it comes to bedding, we don’t always think about everything our sheets go through. We sleep in them, we sweat in them, and some of us even eat in them! But believe us when we say we fell off our beds when we found out the average person only washes their sheets every two weeks (at most!) and 1 in 3 of you only wash your sheets once a year. We need a shower.

I mean nothing beats the feeling of fresh sheets! So this begs the question: how often should you be washing your bedding?

The short answer? It depends. Unfortunately, your bedding doesn’t stay clean for long, especially in the summer when it gets just a little bit too hot. This is when dirt, sweat and body oils all build up.

Everyone is different but here are our recommendations on how often you should be washing your bedding…


We are firm believers in changing your sheets every week. Having several sets on hand ensures you don’t have to wait for one set to be washed and dried. You’ll also have the benefit of having that fresh sheet feeling every week!


Yes, your duvet needs washing. Duvets should be washed at least twice a year, all that you need to do is ensure it is machine washable, chuck it in and reap the benefits of a freshly washed duvet. Can already feel the cosiness.


Like duvets, pillows also need washing. (If we see any of you looking shocked right now, we’ll pull out a bed bug infographic). Up to a third of pillow weight can be made up of dead skin, bed bugs, and dust mites so we absolutely recommend washing these every two-three months.

Mattress Protectors

Mattress protectors are there to help to extend the life of your mattress, so it makes sense that we wash this regularly as well. We recommend washing this every two to three months or more often if spillages occur!


This one is slightly more simple (no you can’t stick your mattress in the washing machine), depending on the fillings of your mattress you can use your hoover to give it a clean. Always check your care instructions though and use the lowest settings to avoid damaging your mattress!

But while cleaning your mattress is recommended you still need to change your mattress every 8 to 10 years! Keeping it clean just prolongs its life.

So wash your bedding every week, pillows every three months, and your duvet a couple of times a year!

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