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Hotel Mattresses: What Are Crib 5 Fire Regulations?

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Fire compliance is a necessity for all hospitality businesses. Whether you’re running an established hotel or renting out a property, an important part of your responsibility is to consider the risk of fire to your property and its contents. This involves a thorough investigation of the furniture and fabric used within the guest’s bedroom.  So it’s vital that all furnishings meet the correct UK fire retardant standards, including Crib 5.

What Is Crib 5?

Crib 5 (also known as Ignition Source 5) is a very common term within the hospitality industry and it’s essential that all furniture and furnishings housed within these commercial buildings adhere to the strict UK Fire Regulations Act 1988.

It is a legal and statutory obligation that all beds and sofa beds for hotels and hospitality properties must be engineered to ‘contract specifications’ and must have passed a series of British Standard fire safety ignition tests, often referred to as Source 5 or Crib 5.

These tests are carried out to ensure products have been treated to dramatically reduce the risk of ignition which could potentially save lives.

Who Does it Affect?

From international luxury mega-hotels to boutique cabins and snug cottages, whatever the size of your business, the safety and welfare of your guests will always be your number one priority. This is why all of the following businesses follow Crib 5 regulations.

  • Hotels
  • Guest Houses
  • Bed and Breakfasts
  • Holiday Parks
  • Holiday Lettings
  • Youth Hostels
  • Universities
  • Health Care Sector

Sleepeezee Service

The long-lasting quality of all Sleepeezee contract beds is reinforced by compliance with UK Government Health and Safety legislation and Fire department requirements and composite tests. All of our mattresses comply with the latest British fire safety regulations, including BS 7177 compliance, which is amongst the strictest tests in the world.

This is so we can ensure we are working with our Hospitality clients to design a range of comfortable beds helping to create a safe, healthy and exceptional sleeping environment that will have a positive effect on a guest’s well-being and satisfaction.

Find out more about Sleepeezee Hospitality or visit our LinkedIn page for more.

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