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Eight New Year’s Resolutions For Better Sleep

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So it’s a new year and we get it – the past 365 days were a lot!

But we are looking ahead in 2021 and are focusing on making positive changes! It’s time to start setting ourselves wellness goals because this year we are all about self-care. Of course, top of our self-care list is The Big January Snooze – getting more sleep and looking after our bodies and mind. But here are our top resolutions for better sleep (that you can actually stick to!).

Spruce Up Your Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene simply refers to tidying up some of your everyday behaviours so that, when it’s time to go to bed, your body is ready for sleep.
This includes setting a schedule for your sleep and wake times, making sure you’re getting enough sunlight during the day, limiting light exposure at night, limiting your caffeine and alcohol consumption, and creating a sleep environment that is relaxing for you!

Try To Be More Consistent With Your Sleep Schedule

Once you’ve got all the components of your sleep hygiene in order, the next step is to stick with this new routine, Monday through to Sunday. Consistency is key, 24/7!

To Better Understand Your Sleep Patterns, Track Your Sleep

Your body and its experiences are unique to you, so just because investing in a set of blackout curtains was the answer to your roommate’s sleep issues and your sister can’t live without her new weighted blanket, that doesn’t necessarily mean these are going to solve your problems. Talking to a sleep coach is an option, but it is also worth downloading a sleep-tracking app to your phone, and reviewing the data over a period of time to see where you could improve.

Create A Sleep Environment Your Body And Mind Will Associate With Rest

We know 2020 ruined our bedrooms with the home office but your bedroom should be a sleep oasis! Bringing your laptop under the covers with you to finish up a work assignment, or scrolling through Instagram the second your head hits the pillow is the type of behaviour that is probably going to cause your mind and body to associate the bed with work. To ensure you get high-quality shut-eye in 2021, ditch the devices at the door, and try to make your bedroom a place of pure comfort and calm.

Start Separating Yourself From Technology An Hour Before Bed

While we’re on the subject of sleep spaces, in 2021 let’s make it your New Year’s resolution to cut back on all devices at least an hour or so before you plan on getting ready for bed. This way, your mind has time to wind down for rest.

Try Not To Party Too Close To Bedtime

We get that freedom is on the horizon and it’s tempting to get in on another round of shots with your squad – especially when it’s your bestie’s round. But check the time before you throw back another tequila shot. If it’s getting late, you might want to pass and order some water!

Get Into The Habit Of Dimming The Lights In Your Home At Night

Have you ever heard of light pollution? It basically refers to when you’re overly exposed to artificial light, particularly at night. Too much light pollution can make it hard to fall asleep, so dim and dismiss artificial light sources in your home late in the evening.

Keep Stress Levels Low

If we’ve learnt anything from 2020 it’s that stress affects pretty much everything in your life — from the way you look, to how you sleep. To avoid the effects stress can have on your sleep cycle, try and do everything you can to keep your body and brain feeling cool, calm, and collected in 2021. This can be anything from morning meditation or even a few walks throughout the day.


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Posted in 

Health, Health and Wellbeing, Lifestyle, Sleep Tips