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Britain’s Seasonal Bedding: Duvet Know it’s Christmas?

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Ah the classic hit – Duvet know it’s Christmas? Or something like that…it is the season that’s filled with festive tunes, tasty treats, and of course, presents piled high under beautifully trimmed trees. But does your home and bedroom, particularly your bedding, match this Christmas cheer or are those decorations concealing dispirited decor?

While you can bring out the glittering baubles, illuminate your interior with twinkling lights and fill every room with festive scented candles, we’ve got your back and laying out all the best bedding options for you this Christmas.

So, will yuletide joy and sumptuous pillows sweep across the nation? Can we expect chilly spells and our Staycool™ pillow this December? Or will goodwill and our cosy duvets thaw Great Britain?

A Plump Christmas

While turkey may be the traditional fare, some of us prefer to plump for a more decadent option. No, we’re not talking about our Christmas dinners, but our super comfortable toppers! We introduced three brand new toppers to our range this year which are available at a host of our retailers both online and in-store. These wonderfully comfortable toppers are designed to offer a flourish of luxury to any mattress, whilst maintaining a completely natural and breathable feel.

Seasonal Topper

Natural Topper

Hypoallergenic Topper

Soft Pillows this Season 

Whether during December or any other time of the year, the pillows we choose are super important to ensure the best night’s sleep. Our current offering features our anti-allergy pillows which are perfect for all year round not just Christmas. We also have our hugely popular Staycool™ pillow. We hear you – who wants to stay cool in the winter?! Unless you are a penguin…

While we admit this might be an odd option, some of us like to be chilly all year round, and who are we to argue with that!

Duvet-Filled December in Britain

The crème de la crème of bedding is by far our beloved Duvets. We love to snuggle down in the evening or even during the day in the winter under our duvets. Our anti-allergy duvets are ideal for keeping those glacial temperatures at bay and come with the added benefit of being hypoallergenic.

So, are you cosy and embracing the festive cheer? Or will you be shivering your way through the season? We know what we’ll be doing!

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