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Bored Of The Same Four Walls? Our Top Tips to Spice Up Your Room In 2021

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Feeling a little bored of your bedroom? With most of us sitting at home far more than we would normally have been this past year, chances are you might be looking to spice things up.

We could be living in our dream homes and still, at this point in a generation-defining global pandemic, I think it’s fair to say that if we have to spend one more day looking at the same four walls we’d be ready to hibernate for the rest of 2021.

With that in mind, we have looked into ways to spice up our living space to re-energise our bedrooms and give us a fresh outlook for the rest of the year.

Go subtle with the colours.

Beautiful bedrooms are meant to be soothing, comfortable areas and the best colours to achieve that are delicate colour schemes: neutral colours like whites and creams or a light colour palette. (If you’re looking for some colour inspiration – we believe sage green is sticking around!)

This doesn’t mean that your bedroom needs to be boring—if your favourite colours are bold colours, feel free to experiment with different ways to add interesting pops of colour. Try out some bold throw pillows; a busy duvet cover, or even an interesting paint colour or wallpaper on an accent wall.

Make sure you can move.

Does your room feel cramped or slightly off? Consider moving things around to create an open, peaceful environment.  Where possible, try to avoid a lot of extraneous bedroom furniture in your bedroom so that you’re not tripping over bookcases and coffee tables or squeezing past bedside tables to get to your bed.

Upgrade your bed

An old mattress, or the wrong one for your sleeping position, can contribute to night time pain and leave you dreading going to sleep.

We recommend replacing your mattress once it passes the age of 7 years, but aim to replace it sooner rather than later if you can feel the springs, regularly wake with pain or dread the thought of spending another night on top of it!

Our core collection offers a variety of mattresses all suited to different sleepers and their needs. View the collection now or find a retailer to shop the collection!

Display new art pieces

Add colour and something new to your room by displaying some new art pieces. Go with sculptures, vases and accessories on bedside tables and shelves but dress up walls with framed art. Photographs, modern art, water-colours and sketches all make a different statement and can be used to create different effects within your room.

Invest in a large mirror

The effect of mirrors is threefold – they make the room look larger, they not only reflect the natural light back in, but they also reflect what’s in the room, giving you a fresh perspective on your interior décor. And if you’re struggling to find the perfect-sized mirror for a room, choose a frame that you love and get it with mirror glass.

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