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Bedroom Trends & Design Ideas for 2022

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Bedroom refresh anyone? It’s that time of year again, we are letting you know the perfect bedroom trends and design ideas for 2022 that will have us design a space that is perfect for sleeping in!

The new year give us an opportunity to create sanctuary-style spaces in our homes and this year we want our bedrooms to envelope us into sleep at the end of a working day, or simply just a room to unwind and rest in with a good book!

Our bedrooms shouldn’t necessarily just be seen as ‘function’ spaces – somewhere to simply shove a bed and shut-eye for a few hours every night. Instead, they are an opportunity to create another world away from the rest of our household’s reflective of our personal characters.

With that in mind, we’ve scoured the 2022 interior design trends to bring you some of the latest and chicest bedroom ideas!

Statement headboards

Headboards, but like you’ve never seen them before. Rising through the ranks in ‘must have’ bedroom decor for 2022 is the need for an all-out headboard design. People should be left with no doubt that you’re making your new headboard the centre of your bedroom design focus. Luckily here at Sleepeezee, we have a host of stunning headboard designs that are sure to make an impact.

Neutral colour schemes

Bedrooms are increasingly becoming a space to not only sleep but also to potentially meditate and spend relaxing time in. Mixing both natural colour tones as well as varied textures gives a real sense of calm to a bedroom.

Designing for Comfort

As the coronavirus pandemic compelled us to spend more time at home, creating a calming haven became paramount. To emphasize relaxation and cosiness in your bedroom, layer in plush pillows and soft, luxurious textiles, and accessorize with items that make you feel calm and comforted, such as scented candles, favourite books, or family photos.

Sustainable Bedding

Sustainability is a top concern throughout the home, influencing our choices for cleaning products, paint, food storage containers, and more. But because we spend a large chunk of each day in bed, using natural, eco-friendly materials is especially important in the bedroom. Expect to see more bedding options made from organic fabrics, recycled materials, or sustainable fibres like TENCEL lyocell and bamboo throughout 2022.

Bold Bedroom Colours

Soft neutrals like white and grey will always be favourites for their soothing feel, but warmer, bolder shades are starting to rise in popularity as bedroom colours. In the bedroom, incorporate warm, saturated shades on bedding or walls for a burst of colour, or start small with accents like pillows, throws, or nightstand accessories for an instant change!

Sleeping well is vital for our whole well-being. It restores the body, refreshes the mind, and may even help to boost the immune system. Our bedroom should be a place of retreat, rest and relaxation, and our beds need to sustain us for years to come.

The perfect bedroom should be a cocoon in the winter and a cool, airy sanctuary in summer. At the end of a busy day, there is no better feeling in the world than slipping into a beautifully made and blissfully comfortable bed!

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