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Autumnal Bedroom Interiors

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With the leaves turning brown and the crisp air settling in, autumn is undoubtedly the most magical season, a time of transition and changes for you and the surrounding nature. And as the temperatures slowly drop, you’ll be wanting to spend more time in the comfort of your own home.

Here are some hacks to fully embrace the season and bring that magic indoors, so you can feel cosy and comfortable in the colder months.

Home accessories

When thinking about autumn, earthy colours and natural textures are the first thing that come to mind. Warm up your bedroom colour scheme starting from your accessories – turmeric, yellow ochre, brick red, pine green, and slate grey are great options for a cosy, inviting atmosphere. Play with different layers and textures using velvet throw pillows, knit blankets, plush rugs. Each detail can bring an extra element of comfort and richness, making the difference in your bedroom. And if you’re lacking inspiration, just look outside your window: the greatest combinations are often offered by nature itself.


The fastest and cheapest way to redecorate your bedroom for the new season is swapping your bedding. Move away from pastels and get creative with warm, deeper colours and seasonal patterns. For example, plain linens look great when mixed with bold graphic prints. Play with the style and texture of your pillows and blankets, always keeping a consistent look. And since autumn is all about cosiness, opt for comfortable materials such as soft cotton.


Headboards too are perfect to make a statement in your bedroom. Choosing one that suits the interior of your room can give your space a luxurious touch, while enhancing the quality of your sleep. Although they are often overlooked as decorative pieces, headboards serve many purposes, including providing great support when sitting upright at night, protecting the wall behind the bed, and preventing pillows from falling. We at Sleepeezee offer a range of dreamy headboards in a variety of styles and materials, ranging from plush to firmer types to suit every need.


Having soft, warm lighting is essential all year round to set the right scene and help you preparing for bedtime. And with nights getting longer in autumn, make sure to add even more warm light sources such as lamps and candles. To be more flexible throughout the year, we recommend installing dimmer switches, so you’re free to control the brightness and regulate it depending on the occasion.

Bring nature indoors

A more artistic way of transitioning to an autumn décor would be to bring natural elements into the bedroom. Think dried flowers, twigs, pinecones, or even leaves and use them to embellish your room. You could display the flowers and twigs in a vase, or if you’re feeling creative, make a centrepiece for your dresser, or a garland to put above your bed.


We covered cosy bedding and accessories, but nothing screams autumn more than the crisp scent of candles. As you curl up under the blankets with a cup of your favourite hot drink, spice up your room with sweet notes of cinnamon and apple, pumpkin spice or spiced chai.

Potpourri, oil diffusers, and room sprays are also great alternatives to enhance the appeal of your room and create a relaxing setting that will easily put you to sleep throughout the autumn.

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