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Autumnal Bedroom Inspiration for a Seasonal Change

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With the turn of the season comes changes to the spaces we love. We, therefore, couldn’t be more excited to dig out our thicker duvets and delve into some autumnal bedroom inspiration.

There are lots of ways to elevate our spaces from a summer slumber to an autumnal oasis. And the team at Sleepeezee have picked their favourites to share with you.

Get Cosy & Crafty

Making your bedroom cosy can make all the difference when striving for a good night’s sleep. Start by combining organic materials and textures with a soft neutral colour palette to create a cocoon of cosiness. Or try experimenting with our selection of headboard fabrics to bring texture and colour into your space.

Alongside this, you can elevate your space on a budget by doing some DIY. The trend that has continued since lockdown has seen wall panelling emerge as the go-to craft. Many choose to add panelling in the bedroom behind the headboard, using a variety of aesthetics and new textures.

Bring Back the 70s

Sustainability and shopping second-hand have been very on trend for interiors this year. With retro references being the ultimate autumnal bedroom inspiration, a 70s revival will only become more prevalent this season.

Laidback styling, natural materials and earthy tones can be combined with an eclectic mix of textures and patterns to give the bedroom a retro feel. Houseplants and low lighting will also lend well to injecting some nostalgia into your space as well as introducing earthy tones such as browns, terracotta, reds, and oranges.

Incorporating bold vintage pieces is also a great way to evoke more autumnal moods with darker woods and rugged finishings that fill your space with character. Check out Pinterest for some 70s interior inspiration.

Get Creative with Colour

Getting creative with colour can really uplift your space and create depth and warmth for seasonal change. That being said, keep your palette limited to create a cohesive space that makes you feel cocooned and centred.

Introducing tiling is a fantastic way to play with colour and pattern in high-traffic areas of your home. However, why not try something different and play around with tiling on headboards and feature walls for a distinctive design statement?

Utilising colour in your space can lift your mood and well-being and many of us have been craving it this year. Colour trends this season will take the form of sugary sweet candy colours as well as autumnal hues. Try introducing colour into your space with accessories, soft furnishings, and artwork to give an instant uplift without breaking the bank.

Get Back to Nature

With the turn of the seasons comes a change in colour and texture. Weaving in these transitions from outside the home can be a nice way of nodding to the theme of Autumn.

Decorating your room with some fall-inspired florals can help to lean into this and will coordinate nicely with seasonal décor. Try to keep the same stem in each vessel to keep the arrangement looking timeless. Maybe even give dried flowers a go if you prefer something a bit less high maintenance!

Seasonal patterns are also filtering into our autumnal interiors, with patterned carpets making a comeback in the form of nature-inspired shapes. Woven grasses and braided leaves in the form of wallpaper can be complimented by the textures of rough or very finely woven linen and silk to really bring the outside in.

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