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10 Valentine’s Day Gifts For People Who Love Sleep

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we can’t wait to celebrate this year by helping you to fall in love with sleep!

We spend a third of our lives sleeping –so it’s vital that we get quality sleep whenever we can.

That may be the case but just about everybody (yes, even morning people) can appreciate a good night’s sleep. So, it only makes sense to give the people you love most a gift that could help them sleep well this year!

Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers set the mood for sleeping by releasing your favourite relaxing oils into the air to help you relax and sleep after a long day.

Meditation before sleep

Sleep Works Pillow Spray

The Sleep Works Pillow Spray is a tried and tested sleep spray that sets a peaceful vibe for the nights you find yourself tossing and turning.

A Good Book

Too stressed and can’t sleep? Sinking your teeth into a book offers a relaxing activity to help soothe that temporary insomnia.


A Fluffy Dressing Gown

In our opinion, a dressing gown is the most essential element to complete a comfortable-day-spent-in-bed-experience. Netflix anyone?

A New Sleepeezee Bed

We may be a bit biased but our beds offer the perfect sanctuary to help anyone fall in love with sleep. View our latest collection of mattresses and find your nearest retailer today.

A Sleep Mask

Enjoying lazy mornings and being particularly glamorous are not normally mutually exclusive. However, a luxurious eye mask will help your bed-loving friend sleep in even longer!

Sleepeezee Staycool Pillow

Perfect for those of us who just find it too hot at night to sleep. Our Staycool pillow is designed to help you regulate your temperature as you sleep while offering excellent head and neck support.

Sleepeezee Staycool Pillow

A Comfy Set of PJ’s

We are very much part of the wearing pyjamas over regular clothes club – and a new set can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Relax the Mind With a Meditation App

Meditation helps to clear out our thoughts entirely and allows us to go to bed free of the burdens of the day. We fall asleep better when we are not stressed out and when there’s nothing that preoccupies our minds. It’s as simple as that.

Sleepeezee Dog Bed

It’s not just us humans who love to sleep, our dogs love sleep as much as we do! Our luxury dog bed is the only one available on the market that can be washed at 60ºC and you can even personalise the bed by having your pet’s name embroidered on the side!

Sleepeezee Dog Beds

So do you have a friend who demands their beauty sleep? Or did you see something that you thought would be perfect for you? Whatever it is we hope our top 10 gifts help you to fall in love with sleep this Valentine’s Day!

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